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Surveillance Cameras

Often times we don’t realize the need for something until it is too late. Camera surveillance is one of those “things”. Don’t be caught unprepared… At ECS we offer several different camera options along with NVR’s & DVR’s needed to archive important events that take place. We feature high quality Megapixel camera solutions that provide the best protection you can get. Whether you need a single camera to keep an eye on your driveway or 30 cameras to watch over a parking lot, we have a solution to meet your needs. Camera Surveillance Options.

MegaPixel Cameras

These cameras offer the best picture available to date. With options up to 10MP you can blow away the resolution of a standard analog camera and even the 1080P HD cameras(approximately 2.1MP) still offer about 3x the pixel density of analog or standard IP cameras. If you are looking for forensic video capability you are looking for megapixel technology. This is likely to be the standard for retail, gas stations, businesses, bars and resturaunts within 10years.

Analog CCTV

Typical cameras used for years for general purpose viewing in almost any home or business. Analog cameras are still the most affordable camera solution available but definitely not the best.

IP Cameras

These cameras have become a staple in the control/automation industry due to the ability to connect them to your home network and view them on your touchscreen devices or on your PC without any additional hardware. IP Cameras seem to be the likely replacement to analog cameras when they can become as stable and have affordable recording options available.

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