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Control4 Automation

ECS provides a complete control solution including sales, design, and installation of our control systems. We have partnered with Control4, a leading automation, and control manufacturer since 2004, to bring the most cost-effective entertainment and automation options available.

Home control systems have had their own improvements in recent years. Control4 has lead the way; providing simpler ways for devices to communicate, intuitive programming methods, and an easy-to-use client interface. Those improvements have combined to make the best, most reliable, and most cost-effective system available.

We like to think of a home control and automation system as an “umbrella” for all of your systems in the home. If you want music throughout the home you will have a multi-room audio system, if you want lighting control in your home you will have lighting control devices, if you want security you will need a security and/or surveillance system and all home have some type of HVAC system. To have a home control system means to have control of two or more of these systems within a single user interface. With Control4 you have a single app that allows you to control your HVAC, Lighting, Security, Music, and TV’s under one “umbrella”.

The beauty of a Control4 system is that we can scale it to fit each individual’s needs. You can control the kitchen, living and outside lights now, add a thermostat later and when the kids get to the point where they no longer know how to turn off their lights…you can add bedroom lighting control.

Whether you are looking to operate your garage door opener on a nightly timer to make sure gets closed, you want a door contact that alerts you when a cabinet has been opened, or how about a pressure sensor to send you a text that someone has sat in their favorite chair to give you peace of mind that everything is okay; There are truly limitless ideas and options as to what can be accomplished with a control system.

Contact us to discuss what options would best fit your lifestyle and we will work with you to provide the system that gives you the “best bang for your buck”!

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