Conference Room Services

If you are looking for easy-to-use conference room collaboration tools, look no further. ECS offers projectors, screens, control systems and wired and wireless projection devices to get your group talking! Below are some of the most common items we would provide and install in a conference or meeting room to help you with some ideas. Give us a call to discuss your individual conference or meeting room needs.

Power Center

A central hub of outlets, a power center can be round or rectangular and hold several outlets to plug everything in at one central location, making set up and adjustments quick and easy.


Electrical & Communication Specialists carries projectors and large HD displays so you can present that PowerPoint or video on a large screen for everyone to see. We have wired and wireless presentation options to fit your needs.

Lighting Systems

If you need to dim the lights for video presentation, use spotlights, or adjust overhead lighting, we can integrate a customized lighting system for your conference room.


Although we do not sell computers; we do work with computer professionals that can assist us and you, assuring that you get exactly what you need.


For both audio that is including in a presentation or video and speaking, Electrical & Communication Specialists provides loudspeakers and microphones for conference rooms of all sizes.

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